Literacy Resources


Learn to read with phonics, music, and interactive activities. Great for students in preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.

Spelling City

Practice spelling and vocabulary words with games and activities.  Registration needed.

Wacky Web Tales

Practice parts of speech in a Mad Libs-style activity setting with plenty of wacky tales.


Practice skills you need to succeed in prekindergarten to second grade.

Fun Brain

Find a variety of games and activities to practice your math and reading skills.

I’ll Tell You a Story

Read fairy tales and fables on this blog.

Between the Lions

Get wild about reading!  Play games, read and listen to stories, and watch videos.

American Folklore

Read tall tales, myths, legends, ghost stories, urban legends, folk tales, fables, fairy tales, campfire stories, and more!

Math Resources


Practice standards-based content for your grade level or target skill area.  Subscription needed.

Extra Time Resources

Go Noodle

Get kids moving, grooving, and learning with endless choices of videos that encourage social and emotional health and well-being.

Storyline Online

Find your favorite stories read aloud by members of the Screen Actors Guild.

Do you have a great recommendation to add to this list?

I love when my readers contact me with recommendations of great resources you’re using in your classroom or with your kiddos at home! If you have a fantastic resource you want added to my list, please contact me. Send me a link and a description of how you use the website or blog!