Thoughts for Thursday

Cam and I are beginning to settle into a little routine at home together. He's really been awesome as far as his behavior and patience since we can't really go anywhere or even play outside (if he takes off running, I can't run after him so it's really just avoiding possible danger).…

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Summer Break

So the little boy growing inside of me has dictated when my school year had to end. After two weeks of being home with his big brother Cameron, I am already feeling less stressed about life in general and more at ease about my pregnancy, but I'm also missing the teachers I…

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Energy Boost

For over a year, I was either pregnant or breastfeeding... Until Sunday. I cannot believe how much energy I'm finding I have all of a sudden!Usually, Cameron wakes me up and I'm dragging until his morning nap, when I try to catch a few minutes of sleep myself... But the past two…

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