How-To Writing Activities for Kids

How-To Writing Activities for Kids

How-to writing is a great way to get students using transitional words, writing in a sequence, and transferring the expertise they have about a topic from their brains to their papers. Check out the how-to writing activities for kids I have below!

No-prep how to writing activities for elementary students packs by Katrina's Resources

How-To Topics About Everyday Tasks

Your students may not even realize they are experts on a topic until you point out that everything they do each day is something they could explain how to do to someone else. From the time they wake up in the morning, children are doing things. (Trust me, I have two of them of my own and they rarely sit still!)

It may be helpful for your students to get started with basic how-to writing assignments for things they’ve done countless times. Some examples of these how-to guides include: how to brush your teeth, how to make a sandwich, and how to act during a read aloud.

how to brush your teeth writing activity
How to Brush Your Teeth is a great “first” procedural writing piece to start with kids!

Winter How-To Writing Activities for Kids

If you happen to be teaching your students how to write how-to guides this winter, I have plenty of ready-to-print packs that you can use with your students today. I recommend starting with one of the packs and brainstorming the steps as a class before moving on to assigning an independent writing piece.

how to make hot chocolate writing pack
How to Make
Hot Chocolate

Steps may include:
1. Heat water.
2. Empty hot chocolate packet into mug.
3. Stir until mix dissolves.
4. Top with marshmallows or milk.
5. Enjoy!

how to build a snowman writing pack
How to Build a

Steps may include:
1. Pile three large balls of snow on top of each other (biggest on the bottom to smallest on top).
2. Decorate face with buttons, a carrot, and rocks.
3. Put sticks in the midsection for arms.
4. Add a top hat to this head.

how to get ready to play in the snow writing pack for kids
How to Get Ready to
Play in the Snow

Steps may include:
1. Pull your snow pants on.
2. Put your jacket on.
3. Wrap a scarf around your neck, then zip up your coat.
4. Put a warm hat on your head.
5. Pull your boots on.
6. Put gloves on.

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