Football Activities for Kids: Keep Learning All Season

Football Activities for Kids: Keep Learning All Season

So your favorite team is scoring big this season… How do you keep your students focused on learning when they have football fever? Integrate football into their daily classwork! Check out the football activities for kids I created today.

I don’t know how your football team is doing, but it’s a very exciting time to be in Western New York. Our Buffalo Bills are headed to the playoffs!!


We don’t even have to calculate the chances anymore or worry about mathematical near-impossibilities. We’re in, baby!

After watching an awesome win on Sunday Night Football, I was feeling very “all about football.” I watched replays in my Facebook stream and couldn’t help but notice how many friends’ profile pictures included our trademark red and blue team colors.

As a result, I started thinking… If I’m an adult who is distracted by the constant stream of media about my football team, what does it feel like to a child who gets excited about a big game or their favorite team? I know from teaching the week before break that the focus goes right out the window!

Embrace Your Students’ Interests

Oftentimes in the classroom, I lean into the crazy and just go with it. So that’s what I did this week. This is not a post about how to get your students uninterested in football. However, I am providing you with a resource that corresponds with a very common interest – football.

Let me break it down for you, activity by activity…

Or, if you know you’re going to love it, just click here right away!

Just for Fun Pages

football activities for kids
Create your own football team!

From naming the team to designing its logo and picking its colors, have your students pretend they’re in charge of a new team. Additional pages even allow your kids to design the players’ jerseys and helmets and the cheerleaders’ uniforms.

A word search with football words is also included in the “just for fun” section.

Math Football Activities for Kids

Want your students to practice math while sticking with the football theme?

Not only are there a couple of pages that will get your students practicing their math skills, but I have included two pages that will work with any football game. Have your students watch a game or check the scores of their favorite team and answer math problems related to the numbers. It’s a great way to practice and a fun way to connect to your favorite football team!

Literacy Football Activities for Kids

Football Acrostic Poem template

In addition to math activities, I have included multiple ELA activities related to football. An acrostic poem template, a friendly letter template (which students can use to write to their favorite football player), a football vocabulary printable, and a verb activity page are each included in the pack.

Writing Prompts

Finally, I have included writing prompts for kids that relate to football. I included an example for you to see what the format of the writing page looks like. You can check out each of the prompts in my product preview by clicking here, but I included a few examples below.

  • My favorite football team is…
  • I think the best football player is…
  • Ways players can show good sportsmanship include…
  • If a player or team is caught cheating, I believe...

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