Best Dry Erase Materials for Your Elementary Classroom Available on Amazon Right Now

Best Dry Erase Materials for Your Elementary Classroom Available on Amazon Right Now

It seems like there are dry erase versions of many everyday products now. Not only do they make life easier, but they’re a huge help in the classroom. No longer do we have to waste countless sheets of paper, rush to the copier during our planning periods, or print out class sets of printables that students can share instead.

We may not need to reinvent the wheel, but we can definitely reuse it again and again.

Check out my top 12 dry erase products available on Amazon right now.

Personal Dry Erase Boards Class Set

I cannot emphasize enough how awesome it is for students to each have their own individual whiteboard readily accessible throughout the day. Whether they’re using it as a replacement for scrap paper while working out math problems or quickly responding to questions I’m asking, they’re a lifesaver! I love this set because it comes with markers and erasers, too. If you get a set that doesn’t include those extras, have the students bring in old socks or mittens to use as erasers. (I’ve definitely gotten some funny looks from guests in my classroom who weren’t quite sure why there were loose socks in the students’ desks, ha ha!)

Weekly List Dry Erase Board

Homework board anyone? I have seen so many classrooms with a homework board thrown together with painter’s tape and permanent marker lines traced with a ruler. This is ready-to-use and keeps your week organized. Use the “extra” spots for weekly reminders, big projects, or housekeeping (such as field trip permission slips due).

Dry Erase Dots

I love these for SO many things! Put them on the wall and write your spelling words or weekly sight words on them, then erase and switch them up for next week. Put them on your students’ desks to write them notes or provide reminders. Stick them to your horseshoe reading table to keep things organized (or students in the right spot when you meet with groups). Put them all over the gymnasium floor for a game. Place them in a row by the door to remind students how to line up. Seriously, do I need to go on or are they in your cart already?! They are colorful and versatile and I think they’re perfect for any primary classroom!

Dry Erase Sleeves Class Set

Okay, so sometimes you have a worksheet that the students need to do, but they don’t necessarily need to take home or keep a copy for themselves. Or it’s something that your students need to practice again and again and you don’t want to keep making copies for them. I’ve used these for students practicing the letters of the alphabet, their names, numbers, and even math drills. They’re easy to erase and keep using (and stay clean even better if you use dry erase cleaning spray once a week or so!).

P.S. I use them as a teacher, too, sometimes just to post objectives, keep track of my own to-do list, or track my goals.

Dry Erase Magnetic Sticky Notes Class Set

Do you have your students respond to questions, polls, or discussions on sticky notes? Consider switching over to dry erase notes! These are magnetic, each student can have one, and they’ll last all year long. I love having students respond to a morning message question this way – with a short written response or even a doodle! There are lots of options on size and amount of these, too, so you should be able to find a set that matches your specific needs (and budget!).

Dry Erase Shape Sticky Notes

A cute variation of the last product… These sticky notes come in different shapes! Use them around your room, on your students’ desks, and on the board. A specific suggestion for the “speech bubble” shape would be to provide dialogue notes from a book you’ve read in class. Use for guided reading, whole group reading instruction, or even in a small group center.

Dry Erase Sheets

These are AWESOME! I love the fact that you can print on them ahead of time, so you’ll be able to keep a certain amount of text or designs on them before using them with dry erase markers. I think these are absolutely fabulous for graphic organizers that you just want to use for notes, but don’t necessarily need to keep (or use them with a document camera and write notes for your students, then wipe away for next time!). They stick to walls, desks, and more… Use them on the door to let visitors know where you are if you stepped out to the playground. Use them near the phone to jot down quick messages.

Dry Erase Sentence Strips

If you use pocket charts, you’ve got to have these! I’ve been using them since student teaching and they’re great. Cut them down to a size you need for single words or phrases or use them whole for sentences. They fit perfectly in pocket charts and wipe clean and hold up to repeated use. I like to use permanent markers on them, too, so students can only wipe away certain words or fill in their own. They do make these in white, too, but I love the different colors.

Dry Erase 4-Quadrant Graphs

How many graphs have you printed out in your career? How much graph paper have you gone through? Math teachers, this one’s for you! Reusable, dry erase 4-quadrant graphs are perfect for classwork during math, plotting exercises, and more! Supply students with these for practice during class or replace scrap paper during tests.

Whiteboard Peel & Stick Contact Paper

Ever feel like you need another whiteboard, but don’t want to go through the trouble of getting one hung for you? Don’t have the space to have a permanent whiteboard in your classroom? These peel and stick ones are perfect! They’re temporary, easy to apply, and easy to remove. Hang them in a room to jot down ideas during a faculty meeting. Put them on your classroom door for a quick project. Stick them to your floor for students to take notes on. The possibilities are endless. Multiple sizes are available!

Giant Dry Erase Die

I love using dice in the classroom because they accomplish what I need – asking students comprehension questions, getting students to perform academic tasks, having students respond to a math problem using a certain method of solving – and my students love using dice in the classroom because they think they’re playing a game. I used to think the dice that you could slip pieces of paper into were the bee’s knees, but this dry erase die? Even better! They have multiple colors, sizes, and variations… But I like this one because it’s not TOO big and it works for what I need.

Large Dry Erase Spinner

Speaking of games, this spinner will make your students feel like they’re contestants on their favorite game shows! Use it to practice math problems, use spelling words in sentences, give an example of a particular part of speech, pick classroom jobs, or choose partners in group activities. Your students will love it – and I bet you will, too! (Who doesn’t like to spin a giant wheel?!)

Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission for my affiliate links to Amazon in this post. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you high-quality teaching and learning tools and I appreciate your support!

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