Practicing Letters with Alphabet Printables

Practicing Letters with Alphabet Printables

I am super excited to announce that I have been working hard for the past month on some alphabet printables and they are almost complete! I have been posting as I’ve been finishing them, but I got so impatient that I already posted my bundle and you can snag it from my store now before it’s complete (and with a little discount for buying early!).

When it is complete (which will be in the next week or two – definitely by the end of this month and well before you go back to school), it will include over 300 student pages and activities to last you throughout the year (with the other printables included, it’ll end up being close to 450 total pages, by the way)! It’s mainly geared toward kindergarten classes, but it can absolutely be used in pre-K or even first grade depending on the levels and abilities of your kiddos!

I just wanted to take the opportunity to showcase each element of the bundle because I know that when you click through to my store, it can get overwhelming to make sure you’ve combed through every product you’re getting (especially when it’s a super giant bundle like this!). So without further ado, here you go…

Alphabet Charts Letter Practice

This printable is a great reference and activity for students who are learning their letters and the sounds they make. It comes with a complete alphabet chart, displaying the letters and 26 full-color images to represent the sound the letter makes, plus a blank chart for your students to fill in themselves! It works great to keep in their folders as you learn new letters each week as a class or in small group literacy centers.

Authentic Photographs Letter Practice

This printable includes 26 full-color pages of real photographs and bold, clear letters and the simple question, “What words do you know that start with this letter?” It works well for laminating and posting in your classroom, whether that’s on your board or easel, or on the wall for easy reference throughout the year. Authentic photographs help students find things they see in the real world that start with the letters they are learning, making the learning experience that much more concrete for them.

Bonus idea: Print and slide into sheet protectors and make an alphabet book for students to read and review together!

Lowercase & Uppercase Letter Practice

This printable is great because you can choose to focus on lowercase or uppercase letters specifically (or print double-sided copies so students can do both!). Your kids can color in letters, trace letters, write letters, and then draw a picture and write a word (invented spelling encouraged) that starts with that letter!

Trace & Color Letter Practice

This printable is another great one for learning how to form letters correctly. Traceable dotted lowercase and uppercase letters are included on each page as well as outlined letters to color in and an illustration of an animal or object that begins with the given letter. Perfect for an independent center or to create an alphabet book for each child in your class.

Trace, Color & Make Patterns Letter Practice

This printable is fantastic for practicing forming letters correctly and identifying words that start with the letter’s sound. On the bottom of the page, lowercase and uppercase letters are given in a pattern for students to complete, practicing another valuable skill. Great for morning work, centers, and homework!

Cut & Paste & More Letter Practice

This printable is very diverse since it can be used in a variety of ways (all shown in the photo above and explained in detail in teacher directions in the resource). The printable can be a simple cut and paste activity where students are required to paste the images that start with the letter sound in the box. Alternatively, you can direct students to draw their own picture that starts with the given letter in the box and have them circle or color in the images that begin with the letter. The whole box itself can be cut and pasted in a composition book to create an alphabet book, too. Finally, for students who are writing words and using emergent spelling, you can invite them to color in the images and write the words in the box, underlining the letter at the beginning to once again reinforce the sound it makes.

I’m sure there are even more ways you can use this printable, but those four ways are the ways I have utilized it with kiddos.

Draw & Write Activity for Letter Practice

This printable is another one that definitely has a few options for use, depending on your specific classroom needs. You can simply have the students color in the letter, draw a picture that starts with the letter, and write the word on the line. It works especially well for Letter of the Week-style units because you can end up binding each student’s pages together to create an alphabet book keepsake.

If you’re looking for a great Back to School activity, though, you can print out the letters that correspond to your students’ first names. Have each child write their name on the line and either have them draw a self portrait in the box or attach a photograph (4×6 fits great!) to the page. Display in the classroom or on a bulletin board as a great way to welcome parents during Open House or Meet the Teacher Night!

Another great way to use this printable (that also gets families involved!) is to make it a class project. Send home a letter with each student and ask them to draw a picture or take a photograph or even cut out an image from a magazine and put it in the box on the page. Then, depending on the age level and abilities of the children in your class, the adult or the child can write the word on the line. When every page comes back, compile it as a class book and read it together. Students will love seeing the pictures they did at home and will beam with pride as you read through each page together!

Find & Color Letter Practice

This printable is wonderful review once students have an idea of what letters look like. Each page requires students to identify the uppercase and lowercase versions of a specific letter (shown in the center of the page). They discriminate between the letter they’re looking for and the rest of the alphabet and color in the letters. Some pages have the letters arranged in a pattern, but many are mixed up so you know students aren’t just guessing based on a cute design. This is great for morning work, independent seat work, and homework throughout the year.

The Letters in My Name Letter Practice

This printable is fantastic for students who are just learning letters, but are already pretty familiar with their names. Oftentimes students recognize the letters in their names before any other letters of the alphabet. This activity allows them to color the letters of their names, requiring them to identify them and discriminate from other letters in the alphabet. A great Back to School activity to get students working with and thinking about letters!

And there’s more!

Other resources included that I have not highlighted include:

I will have a few more additions to this bundle before school starts… So stay posted for updates and buy now to get all future updates for free!

So, seriously, what are you waiting for?! This is PERFECT for sooo many things, including morning work, homework, seatwork, small group centers, independent work for early finishers, must-dos, whole group instruction for handwriting, decorating your classroom, reviewing letter formation, teaching letter sounds, literacy centers, and more! Honestly, this bundle will be worth it for the whole school year.

P.S. If you purchase it, I’d LOVE your feedback and even some photos of your kiddos using the printables! I love to showcase my products “in action” on social media… So no student faces, but student work is always appreciated! 

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