Creative Activities with Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk: a summer staple in the home of many children. But after drawing some pictures and writing your names in bubble letters, what else can you do? Check out some ideas for ways you can use your sidewalk chalk today!

Obstacle Course or Maze

Draw a maze big enough for you to walk through. Ask a sibling or friend to collaborate with you and see who can make their way out of the maze first without getting stuck in a deadend! Or draw an obstacle course with different directions for each part. For example, “walk with big giant steps through this section”, “tiptoe through this area”, or “jump through this section, but make sure your feet both land inside the chalk circles or you have to start again”. Time yourself making your way through the course and try to get better and better each time!

Hopscotch Skill Review

You may get bored of the same old hopscotch pattern and game after jumping back and forth on it a few times. But add something to the squares and it becomes a summer skill review!

If you have a child just learning colors or shapes, you can draw them in the squares and as they hop through them, they can name the color and shape. “Green square! Blue triangle! Pink star!” Then take it a step further… Can you find something in nature or your neighborhood that is that shape?

If your child is a bit more advanced and focusing on letters or numbers, add those to the squares. Hop on a letter G? What starts with G? Grapes! What sound does the letter G make? Hop on the number 7? Count to 7! Count backward from 7 to 0! Name 7 types of animals! There are so many possibilities!

Other suggestions for things to add to your hopscotch squares are: sight words, math facts, and tricky words to spell.

Finish the Picture

Draw a line, a squiggle, a shape, a blob… Just draw anything to start with, and then challenge your child to “finish” the picture. Turn that line into a fishing pole… Turn the squiggle into the crazy hairdo of a mad scientist… Turn the square into the frame of your grandma’s house… Turn the blob into the body of a silly monster… Test your creativity and collaborate on your chalk artwork together!

Life-Size Comics

Have you always wanted to star in your own comic strip? Create your own giant, outdoor comic on your driveway this summer! Trace your body (or have a friend trace your shadow if it’s too hot to get down onto the driveway!) and then draw speech bubbles over your head. Become your alter ego, draw a conversation with a friend, or join your favorite team of superheroes! Your imagination is limitless.

Village Map

If you bring your cars, dolls, or animals outside with you when you play, you need a place for them to hang out, too! Draw a map of a town or city for them to play in. Drive your cars around a city and have them ride to some fun places you design, have your dolls visit a park you make and decorate the houses you create, or let your animals explore a jungle or other habitat you draw.


Tic-tac-toe, hangman, even checkers are a few of the games you can play on your driveway if you draw your game board with sidewalk chalk. Draw a checkers board and use acorns, rocks, bottlecaps, or even blocks as checkers. If you want to “erase” your letters to start over with hangman or tic-tac-toe, just grab a wet sponge and wait a few minutes for the hot summer sun to dry your game board.

Broad Jump Challenge!

Draw a line with chalk as your starting position, then jump! Mark your landing spot, then go back to the starting line and try again. Challenge your brother, your sister, your friend, your mom, your dad, or someone else to beat your record!

Special Greeting

Is it someone’s birthday in your house? Is someone going on a trip and you want to welcome them back in a memorable way? Are your parents celebrating their anniversary this summer? Celebrate the special event with a greeting written in sidewalk chalk! When they see your message, they’ll feel so special!

Happy Drawing!

The best thing about sidewalk chalk art is you can try something new next time, so you have all summer to try these ideas. Just wait till the next time it rains to have a blank canvas to start again!

Katrina Martin

Katrina Martin is the owner of Katrina's Resources and a B-6 certified teacher in New York State. She specializes in elementary education and curriculum development. You can read her blog at or view her educational resources on

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