Summer Journal Prompts

Are you trying to keep your students or children writing over the summer, but finding it challenging to come up with topics for them to write about? Encourage them to start a summer journal (seriously, you can grab a composition book from Walmart for less than a buck!) and use the prompts below to get their words flowing.

Remember, writing doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth! Especially during the summer, it should be a fun and creative process! So without further ado, here are the prompts…

The “Fiver” Lists:

Name five people you’d like to spend time with this summer.

List five places you’d like to visit this summer.

Think of five foods you’d love to eat this summer.

The “Goals” Prompts:

Tell about a goal you have this summer. 

Is there a skill you’d like to improve upon this summer? Is it a sport, hobby, or academic skill? What is your plan for getting better at it?

What goal would you like to achieve before you start school again?

The “Favorites” Entries:

Describe your favorite story. Why is it your favorite? Who is the main character? What is your favorite part in it?

Describe your favorite television show. What is it about? Who else would enjoy watching it? Do you have a favorite episode?

Describe your favorite junk food. Does it satisfy your sweet tooth or is it a salty snack? How often do you eat it? 

The “Fiction” Story Starters:

I woke up this morning and realized I’d overslept! How did my alarm not go off? Why didn’t my parents wake me up? I rushed to get ready and flew downstairs to grab my backpack before the bus drove away without me. I found my mom and little sister in the kitchen having breakfast. “What’s wrong?” My mom looked at me strangely. “Anxious to get your first day of summer vacation started?”

It was just like any other regular day at the beach. I was digging in the sand with my friends. We were going to build a giant moat around our sandcastle. Suddenly, my shovel hit something hard. A rock must’ve been buried deep in the sand. I kept digging. Hmm, rocks don’t normally make a clanking sound like that… I dug some more and realized what I was uncovering. It was a treasure chest!

We were on the boat and getting further and further away from the shore. It wasn’t my first time on a boat before, but for some reason, I was feeling nervous. Just then, I heard a splash and turned my head toward the sound. “What was that?!” My brother shouted, voicing the question that was on my mind, too. “It looked like a sea monster!” He added, eyes wide and full of shock. It couldn’t have been… Sea monsters aren’t real… I tried to rationalize the ideas in my head, but just then, something jumped out of the water again…

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