Planning a Month of Blog Topics

I used to just write a blog entry whenever the mood struck me. It was great in terms of writing because I’d be all amped up and excited about a topic and the words would just flow. It was when I had a free moment to myself and since I have the Blogger app on my phone, that means I can write even on the go. But the negatives outweighed the benefits – I was inconsistent with posts and sometimes I totally neglected my blog for months on end.

Ever since I started scheduling my posts, I’ve been a lot more active. Each week, I have a set theme or area to write about, and I come up with a topic related to that theme. I give myself deadlines and make sure I meet them.

The organizer above is the one I designed to use to plan my month of weekly posts. This is a hard copy in a plastic sleeve, but I like to keep as much digital as possible, so I work out of a Google Sheets file for the month. I’ll be polishing up the organizer I use and making it available in a generic form for everyone soon, so be on the lookout for it in my store!

How do you stay productive with your blog? Do you set aside specific time to write each day/week/month? Do you know what you’re going to write about, or do you wait to get inspired? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Katrina Martin

Katrina Martin is the owner of Katrina's Resources and a B-6 certified teacher in New York State. She specializes in elementary education and curriculum development. You can read her blog at or view her educational resources on

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