25 Summer Tips for TpT Sellers

Summer… A time to relax, go to the beach, read whatever you want, sleep in, and… Oh wait, scratch that. You’re a teacher-author on Teachers Pay Teachers. You may be out of the classroom for a little while, but you’re not off the hook completely.

While summer is a slower time for many stores, it’s no time to neglect your store. In fact, you have a fantastic opportunity to plan for the next school year, create some quality new products, update some outdated resources, and develop your marketing plan.

Not quite sure what you should concentrate on? Feeling overwhelmed with the idea of a couple of unstructured months and unsure of where to start? Here are 25 ideas in no particular order that you can choose to put on your to-do list or not.

  1. Design new products
  2. Get your product ideas organized and pick products you know you want to finish over the summer
  3. Consider developing product lines based on your best sellers
  4. Redesign outdated product covers
  5. Rewrite outdated product descriptions
  6. Create previews for products that don’t have them
  7. Take authentic photos of your products for covers, pins, previews, blog posts, etc.
  8. If you use Pinterest, design new pins for products and new boards to expand your profile
  9. Take a course and learn something new to develop a new area of your business
  10. Start pinning Back to School products
  11. Update outdated products
  12. Take stock of your clipart collection and brainstorm new products you can create with it
  13. Watch YouTube videos for an area of your store you want to improve upon
  14. If you have a blog, write new blog posts (especially for topics you have products for, but not blog entries about… and if they’re seasonal posts, backdate them to the correct season of the previous year)
  15. Browse Pinterest and pin others’ great resources to your boards
  16. Listen to a new podcast (or check out the ones you already subscribe to, but haven’t tuned into for a while)
  17. Join a Facebook Group and find other teacher-authors in your niche
  18. Work on your budget for next year
  19. Create a vision board for your business goals
  20. Get your workspace organized
  21. Add products to your wishlist so you’re ready for the next site-wide sale (great for non-urgent clipart and fonts)
  22. Stay up-to-date with the standards and curriculum you design for
  23. If you have a business Instagram, keep posting during the summer – your followers will love continuing to get to know you!
  24. If you’re still in the classroom and created things during the school year for your classroom or students, make it “store ready” and post it for sale
  25. Plan for giveaways to promote your store for site-wide sales

Even though I totally advocate devoting a chunk of your summer to productivity, I also have to say that while you’re focusing on your business, find time for self-care and don’t get stressed out about low sales or minimal traffic throughout the summer. (This goes double if you teach in the classroom during the rest of the year!)

I have been selling on TpT since 2012 and sometimes I get discouraged during the slower months, but I find that keeping busy and focused helps forget about the lower sales! And trust me, my sales always come back in August and have always improved from year to year. If you keep at it and set your sights on your goals, I’m sure you will also see some amazing results!

Best of luck! Enjoy your summer!

And if you have other tips for other TpTers, be sure to post them in the comments! I have found that the more teacher authors I get to know, the more we can share our tips for success.

Katrina Martin

Katrina Martin is the owner of Katrina's Resources and a B-6 certified teacher in New York State. She specializes in elementary education and curriculum development. You can read her blog at KatrinasResources.com or view her educational resources on TeachersPayTeachers.com.

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