A Letter to the New Class

I have been slowly returning to the classroom after being home with my boys for several months. It’s an interesting experience walking into school at the end of the year when a lot of students have checked out and want to be out enjoying the weather instead of inside learning.

I know some teachers struggle to find activities to keep their students interested and motivated. If you are looking for a great activity for the end of the year that will encourage your students to write and reflect upon their school year, I have just the thing for you!

Invite your students to write a letter to next year’s students! They can ponder the ups and downs of their school year, think about what was fun and what they learned, and give the next students some idea of what is coming in their next school year. You can save the letters until the new school year and distribute them to your new class or let your students send them to the younger students now.

If you do this activity with your class, I’d love to see how some of the letters turn out! Share them with me on Instagram @KatrinasResources!

Happy Teaching!

Katrina Martin

Katrina Martin is the owner of Katrina's Resources and a B-6 certified teacher in New York State. She specializes in elementary education and curriculum development. You can read her blog at KatrinasResources.com or view her educational resources on TeachersPayTeachers.com.

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