Easter Activities

Easter is fast approaching (even though it seems like it’s taking forever this year since it’s so late!). If you’re not one of the schools that is already on spring break, you may be looking for some activities with an Easter theme to do with your students this week. Check out some of the Easter products I have in my store today!

40 Writing Prompts Strips

Although these are not Easter-themed writing prompts, they are written on strips so you can easily cut, fold, and put them in plastic Easter eggs (which are 0.99¢ for three dozen in stores right now!). Hide them around the classroom for a fun Easter egg hunt that ends in your students writing or put them in a basket on your desk to switch up the way your students find inspiration to write. 

Happy Easter Word Creator Challenge

Want a quick literacy activity or maybe an independent reading center? This ready-to-print activity has your students creating words based on the letters in “Happy Easter.”

Friendly Letter to the Easter Bunny Template

Use this ready-to-print template to have your students write a friendly letter to the Easter Bunny. It gives them practice writing and is a festive activity to get them excited about what might be in their Easter basket this year. There are a few different versions with different sizes of lines so you have options based on your students’ levels.

Easter Egg Pattern Activity

Switching gears to early math skills, this activity focuses on patterns of Easter egg designs. I recommend printing in full color and laminating for product longevity. It makes a great center for a small group or something fun to do during indoor recess (if your weather is anything like ours here in Western New York right now, you don’t have much of a chance to get outdoors!).

This Little Bunny – Classroom Guessing Game Book

This was one of my favorite things I came up with during a first grade placement I had during college. It’s an activity that requires students to describe themselves using “can”, “has”, and “is” statements. They fill in the front of their page, color in the bunny, and then reveal themselves on the back with either a photograph or a self portrait and their names. You bind the pages together and read it as a class, pausing to guess which student is described on each page. It was a fun keepsake class book after the writing activity was over and it worked really well with my first graders. (I also have other seasonal templates in my store with the same format.)

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