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There are many ways to use task cards in your classroom that can fit your students’ needs. My sets always include 32 task cards per pack (eight 4-card pages) to work with many students and easily differentiate your instruction. Some activities use the task cards digitally, but I always suggest printing, laminating, and cutting your set of task cards to get the most use out of them!

🌟 Activities for Your Whole Class 🌟

Tasks Around the Room

Place your cards around the room (on desks, tables, windowsills, walls, chairs, floor, etc.) and have students search for them. As they discover each card, they answer the question and write their responses on their answer sheets. Either collect and review or correct together.

Bellwork or Exit Ticket

Display a page of four task cards to your students at the beginning of the day as morning work or at the start of a specific subject for extra practice. Go over the answers before you begin your daily lesson. (Or use as an exit ticket at the end of your lesson.)

Problem of the Day

Especially great for math task cards, pick a card each day for students to answer at their seats. Great for the beginning of the lesson or for an extra time-filler if an activity doesn’t take as long as planned.

Test-Prep Review Game

Incorporate task cards in a review game, such as Jeopardy. Instead of having to create your own questions for each topic, use task cards to review important concepts. I would recommend using multiple topics in a given subject area.

Interactive Whiteboard Quiz

Display the task cards on your interactive whiteboard (four at a time) and give your students a few minutes to jot down their answers on their answer sheet. Continue throughout all pages and then collect and grade as a quiz.

Playground Tasks

Place task cards around a playground or yard (inside cones or boxes works great!) and have students complete their answer sheets (clipboards are helpful here) while enjoying some time in the great outdoors!

Document Camera Game

Display each task card one at a time using your document camera. Have students write their answers on their individual whiteboards. Countdown “3, 2, 1… Show me!” and quickly assess the students’ answers.

🌟 Activities for Small Groups & Partners 🌟

Group Center

Have your students complete the task cards together in small groups and write their answers on the provided answer sheet. Assign each student a different color to write their answers in (flair pens really get them excited!) so you know who wrote each answer.

Multiple-Topic Centers

Pick different sets of task cards for each group to rotate through during center time. Great for days when your daily schedule is revised or if you have a substitute teacher in your room.

Quiz Me, Quiz You

Have partners take turns quizzing each other using the task cards. Include the answer key so they can easily check each other’s answers (great for challenging topics that may require an answer key).

Read, Write, Switch

Have a partner read each task card while the other writes his/her answers down. Switch jobs and then compare answers. (Due to possible time constraints, divide task cards into groups of 8 in bags prior to activity).

Task Card Relay Race

Have students line up in groups across from a row of desks. Have task cards on each team’s designated desk. Each group member writes their answer down and goes to the back of the line. The first group to finish (with correct answers) wins!

Take a Turn Per Task

Have students play a given board game in small groups or with a partner, but in order to earn a turn in the game, they must answer a task card correctly.

Teacher’s Center

Want a quick assessment for your guided reading group or math group? Go through a set of task cards together and see how your students are handling new concepts, review old concepts, or see what they already know about a new topic.

🌟 Independent Activities 🌟

Individual Learning Center

Hole-punch task cards and bind together for easy flipping and responding to task cards. Have students write their responses on their answer sheets and turn in for you to review.

Fast-Finishers Activity

If you have students who complete their work quickly, task cards can be ready-to-go for them. I suggest organizing them by subject and topic. They can record their answers, then self-check with the provided answer key.

Review of Formerly-Learned Concepts

Print 4-card pages and put in a binder or three-prong folder (plastic sheet protectors work great for this!) for students to independently review past concepts throughout the year. Works great for reviewing for exams or unit tests.

Journal Tasks

Print enough task cards for each of your students. Have them cut and paste them into a notebook, then respond to them right on the page. (This works especially well for writing prompts or math problems.)

Pocket Chart Tasks

Place your task cards in a pocket chart in your room. Allow students to complete throughout a week (possibly during center rotations or free time) and assign a due date. 

Task Card Tutors

If you have students who need extra help in a specific area, have classroom volunteers or private tutors review those concepts with them using task cards. Your students will feel like they’re playing a game instead of doing another tedious worksheet with pencil and paper!


If you give homework, sending home task cards can be a great way to have your students review concepts outside of school. I’d suggest a check-out system to hold your students accountable for whatever materials they are borrowing from you (or print B&W copies only).

Want these ideas as an easy-to-print PDF? 

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