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Being a mom is awesome and rewarding. Every day is a new adventure. I love hearing Cam say a new word he learned (“triangle” is my recent favorite). It’s fun to see him rock a new dance move (poor kid inherited my dance style). Some days I feel like I can actually watch Tuck growing because he’s doing it so quickly. Parenting gives me a chance to relive parts of my childhood and watch them enjoy the wonder of discovering the world around them. I feel lucky to be a mom to these two little boys and I’m so fortunate to be raising them with their super hot and funny dad by my side. 
But let’s face it… Some days are hard. Some moments are frustrating. Sometimes kids are exhausting. And sometimes you find a perfect GIF to capture those experiences perfectly. Enjoy!
When you just spent an hour rocking the baby to sleep and as soon as you climb into bed, he starts fussing again.
When you tuck the kids in and try to be super quiet while you go downstairs to watch something other than Nick Jr. on TV for a little while.

When you actually get a minute to watch that show you DVRed weeks ago, but you’re too tired to stay up for the entire thing (or even five minutes of it!).
When you hear your kids calling for you over the monitor during the night.
When you think your baby is up to eat, but you realize how well-rested you are because it’s actually morning and he slept all night for a change.

When you take more than two minutes to get your toddler the drink he asked for… Two minutes is more than enough time for him to change his mind.
When you’re trying to wash your hair and the shower curtain starts to move because your toddler has no boundaries.
When your child doesn’t appreciate your choice for dinner tonight.
When your husband gets home, the house is a disaster, the kids are fussy, and dinner isn’t ready and he asks how your day was.
When your baby does something super adorable that makes a rough day totally worth all the frustration and exhaustion.

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