Summer Break

So the little boy growing inside of me has dictated when my school year had to end. After two weeks of being home with his big brother Cameron, I am already feeling less stressed about life in general and more at ease about my pregnancy, but I’m also missing the teachers I work with every day and the kiddos I have gotten to know this past year.

The good thing is, I have a wide open schedule, a brand new Chromebook, a to-do list of resources I want to create this summer, and the doctor’s advisement to stay off my feet as much as possible until this baby comes. I’m hoping to be pretty productive, even if that means my summer dreams of going for adventures and spending days outside running around with Cam have POOF! disappeared.

I’m hoping to have weekly posts devoted to various categories: technology, word work, and mindfulness. Those are the top three on my list right now, but they might evolve as I go. After my long-term subbing positions this past school year, I have come up with some great word work activities and want to create some more that I can post on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I found that even with all of the great resources out there made by talented educators around the world, I was tweaking things to fit my students’ specific needs. The cool thing is, I ended up coming up with some great resources that I’m hoping other teachers and students could benefit from using!

I have to run in a few to my weekly doctor’s appointment… Should be a quick one, just a measurement of my growing belly (seriously, how am I only 24 weeks with a belly this big?!), a heartbeat check, and a fun little hormone injection! Hopefully I’ll be back early enough that I’m motivated enough to start the post I’m aiming to publish tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Katrina Martin

Katrina Martin is the owner of Katrina's Resources and a B-6 certified teacher in New York State. She specializes in elementary education and curriculum development. You can read her blog at or view her educational resources on

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