Sentence Fix-Up #3

Directions: Read the following sentences, then edit to fix errors in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, or usage.

Sentence Fix-Up #3

  1. mr alexander writed a book.
  2. Jason and Kate and Melody walk to the store yesterday
  3. did you see the movie the jungle book!
  4. i took a fotograph with my moms camera.
  5. is this sweater your’s.
  6. Did you right a report on president george washington?
  7. I live at 42 maple street.

Sentence Fix-Up #3 Answer Key

  1. Mr. Alexander wrote a book.
  2. Jason, Kate, and Melody walked to the store yesterday.
  3. Did you see the movie, The Jungle Book?
  4. I took a photograph with my mom’s camera.
  5. Is this sweater yours?
  6. Did you write a report on President George Washington?
  7. I live at 42 Maple Street.

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