Sentence Fix-Up #1

Directions: Read the following sentences, then edit to fix errors in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, or usage.

Sentence Fix-Up #1

  1. one of the affects of the storm was falled branchs!
  2. Wash you’re hands before you come too the table?
  3. watch where you step ore you’ll fall in the whole
  4. me got fourty pages left to reed in the book
  5. look out the floor is wet up a head.
  6. dew you know the rite way two go!
  7. me and my sister play outside yesterday.

Sentence Fix-Up #1 Answer Key

  1. One of the effects of the storm was fallen branches.
  2. Wash your hands before you come to the table.
  3. Watch where you step or you’ll fall in the hole.
  4. I have forty pages left to read in the book.
  5. Look out! The floor is wet up ahead.
  6. Do you know the right way to go?
  7. My sister and I played outside yesterday.

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