Greeting Card Worthy Occasions?

I love receiving cards and notes from my husband. Even though he tells me he loves me multiple times a day and shows he loves me through his actions on a daily basis, there’s something about reading words of love that makes me feel so special (that’s probably why my Love Language is “Words of Affirmation”).

But maybe part of the reason I enjoy getting cards is because it only happens a few times a year. I usually get cards for my birthday, our anniversary, and Valentine’s Day. Even though I love the thoughtful birthday and anniversary presents he gets me and the candy or jewelry on Valentine’s Day, I so look forward to the card and the words my husband has written to me within it.

Since Cameron was born, we’ve been receiving greeting cards for every holiday from his grandparents. It’s something my grandparents did when I was a baby, too, and I think it’s a cute gesture. He’ll only have one “first” holiday and Nick and I celebrate those milestones with mini photo shoots, so it’s nice that Cam also receives cards for the occasions.

But when we get older, we don’t send each other greeting cards for every holiday. We might write the obligatory “Happy Birthday” post on Facebook or send a text or even call those we’re close with, but for the most part, unless there’s a party or you’re especially close with someone, a card isn’t going to enter the equation after a certain age.

So what makes you take the time to go to the store and peruse the greeting card aisle until you’ve found the right card? Do you only send cards to certain people, or do you only pick out cards for specific occasions?

Katrina Martin

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