Things that Squeak

I haven’t done a list post in a while, but I think it helps get my brain working when I do… It’s actually one of the reasons why I like playing the game 94%. It requires the player to generate the most popular responses to different prompts, like “Things that are Red” or just broad categories, like “Teenagers.”

Today’s list will be devoted to things that squeak!

  1. Mice
  2. A door’s unoiled hinges
  3. Newborn Cam before he started crying much (now I’m pretty sure the neighbors can hear him!)
  4. Cam when he starts laughing so hard that he goes super high-pitched 
  5. Floor boards under the carpet (I’m getting better at avoiding them when Cam is sleeping lol)
  6. An old boxspring
  7. A rocking chair against a hardwood floor
  8. Brakes that need to be looked at (or ones that are wet after a particularly hard rain)
  9. A dog’s chew toy (when it’s new… Brody and Lily usually make sure they stop being able to squeak within minutes of gnawing on them)
  10. New sneakers on a waxed floor
  11. Freshly-brushed teeth
  12. Wheels on an old wagon or cart
  13. Playground swings (especially ones with rusty chains)
  14. An old vacuum cleaner’s belt (or one with a lot of hair wrapped around its brushes – having two dogs and long hair give me a lot of experience with this one)
  15. Joints (especially my ankle… oh boy, I’m getting old!)

Katrina Martin

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