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Have I really not posted a new entry since last year?! Wow, time really gets away from me sometimes!

I have to say… There has been so many things keeping me busy these first four and a half months of the year. Subbing, housework, morning sickness… Oh yeah, I’M PREGNANT! So I guess you could say that has been taking up a big part of my time. First it was just the initial excitement and urge to tell everyone while simultaneously worrying about any possible thing that could go wrong and overthinking everything I ate and did. Then there was the morning sickness, extreme fatigue phase. And now? I’m in the “everything is going smoothly” phase. Sure, my back is starting to hurt and I’m trying my hardest to get used to laying on my side and avoiding foods that cause indigestion… But overall, I’m starting to understand those women who have been telling me how much they loved being pregnant.

I’m due in October, right before my birthday. When Nick and I started dating and getting serious, I told him I wanted a baby before I was 30. He sure knows how to stick to a deadline! I’m due 11 days before my birthday. Poor Nick if we have a girl and she insists on a “birthday week” like I do – haha. In all seriousness, though, I’d be excited to have a girl or a boy. I told Nick when we first found out I was pregnant (which was Valentine’s Day, by the way… Some girls get flowers or candy – I get to pee on a stick and become the happiest girl in the world!) that I didn’t want to find out the gender. Now that we’re getting closer to that “big sonogram” where the baby will look like a baby and we could find out if we’re going to be seeing a lot of pink or a lot of blue, I’m sort of wishing I’d wanted to find out. But as long as I can stay strong (really, Nick isn’t letting me change my mind at this point since he knows how important the surprise is to me), I’m excited to wait and have the grand reveal at the hospital!

So right now, I’m about four and a half months along… We’ve picked out our crib (which I’m pretty confident we’re ordering this weekend!). We’ve started the registry for the baby shower. We’re going to spruce up the nursery this weekend so we can assemble the furniture when we get it. It’s all happening quickly and I have to say, I can’t believe how fast the weeks go by! I know this summer is going to fly by (especially judging by the amount of plans we already have on our fridge calendar) and before we know it, I know we’ll be welcoming our little bundle of joy and forgetting what it felt like to get a decent night’s sleep. And I gotta say… I can’t wait!

Other than “everything baby”, life is busy. I was going to take some courses this summer to apply for another certification, but that’s sort of taking a back burner for a bit. I’ve been subbing daily at Starpoint and I’m hoping that even when I take a few months off in the fall to have the baby, my reputation will ensure that I’ll have a steady schedule when I want to go back to work. Nick is back on days in the office at work and it’s been so great for us to live a “normal” life again. Seeing each other in the evenings, both going to bed at night, sharing a bed, and waking up in the morning. You never realize how great that simple part of life is until it’s turned upside-down for a while.

There are only five weeks left in the school year! I can’t believe it. I hate to realize how much I haven’t been writing, but in all fairness, I have been making time to write by hand in a Moleskine journal Nick bought me for Christmas. It’s a lot easier to jot some ideas down during the day at school or before bed than it is to get on the computer and write a decent amount. And honestly, most times I end up just reading on my Kindle or going to bed early lately. Making a baby really takes it out of you!

I suppose that’s all for now… I will consciously try to write more often from now on, but no promises!

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