My Animal Counting Book (0-20)

I posted a new resource at my online shop yesterday. You can find it here.

I post new products all the time, but don’t typically mention them on my blog. I’ve decided to change that, though. I think that sometimes it’s worth explaining how I would use a resource in the classroom or with a student I’m working with. It could give other teachers ideas that they wouldn’t have necessarily thought of. I hope it also invites other teachers to comment to share their ideas with me and any other educators who check out my blog. So here goes!

Intended Grade Level: Early Childhood (Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade)
Subject: Math
Skills: Numeracy, Counting, Printing
File Details: 24 page PDF document

This resource contains 21 student work pages as well as a cover page. Depending on how much paper and toner you’re allowed to use at your school, I would either print a book for each student in my class, or I would create a few copies and put them in binders in plastic sheet protectors for a math learning center.

Individual Pages

Want to focus on a different number each week? Print out the page you need and allow the students to work on their printing and counting. Each page also allows students to color, which is a great way to develop fine motor skills, a crucial activity in early childhood classrooms. Printing out individual pages also allows you to focus on a specific number and ensures that students aren’t “going ahead” in their booklets or misplacing their booklets, if you’re planning on using them over the course of a period of time.

1-to-1 Student Workbooks

If each student had his own copy of the booklet, I would have him work on it in various ways. It could be done in a whole group setting, especially if the students are just learning to write numerals and/or assign numbers to objects while counting. This is the type of activity I enjoy doing with the document camera over the classroom projector so the students can follow along. After doing a few pages as a class, I would allow the students to work on pages in small groups or individually.

This is also a great independent activity for students. If they have this booklet in their desks and they finish another activity quickly (I know I always like when I’m working in a room where teachers have provided coloring sheets for early finishers!), they can color some of the animals or work on their numeral printing.

Set for Small Group Learning Center

If you have a small printing budget in your school, a challenge I know many teachers are faced with, print out a few copies so that the students in a small group can utilize them. If you put the pages in sheet projectors, allow students to write with dry erase markers. At the end of their station, they can erase and the page is brand new for the next student to get to work. The only disadvantage is the lack of the tactile practice students gain when working with paper and pencil.

I’m hoping to have some more resources posted soon! I have a few new ones I just need to get posted. I hope you’ll find them beneficial in your classroom.

Happy Teaching!

Katrina Martin

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