Writing Challenge #6

Scariest Fictional World

Today’s culture is riddled with apocalypses, caused by zombies, aliensextreme weather, and lack of natural resources.  Describe the scariest fictional world you have come across in literature, television, or film.  Or, if you have imagined your own “end of days” world, describe it!

It’s a Date!

Throughout the course of a year, we have many special occasions to remember.  Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, reunions…  The list goes on and on.  I know I would be completely lost without my Google Calendar.  But there are certain dates I remember without needing to refer to my calendar.  What dates do you always remember and why are they special enough for you to have committed to memory?

Customer Loyalty Program

I love Kohl’s.  I love getting Kohl’s Rewards back for shopping, love finding a 30% off coupon in my mailbox every few months, and love receiving deals and discounts for having a Kohl’s Charge card.  I am loyal to the store because I feel like I get rewarded for shopping there.  I don’t feel that way when I go to Walmart.  Although I might find some decent prices compared to other stores, I resent spending my money there compared to other grocery or department stores.  So what stores do you enjoy and why do you feel good about patronizing them versus other retailers?

Katrina Martin

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