My Writing Goals

There are many things I’d like to improve in my writing, so I know this list will be constantly evolving (as I think all goals should), but off the top of my head, these things come to mind:

  • I would like to become a braver writer, writing about things that scare me and topics I’m afraid to touch upon for fear of controversy.
  • I would like to write every day, no matter what I write and no matter how much it ends up being.
  • I would like to finish outlining the novel idea I’ve had for a while and actually make progress toward finishing it.
  • I would like to write within genres that I’m totally uncomfortable, just to know I can say I tried.  Genres that would fall into that category include: suspense, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Questions to Consider:

  • What are some of your writing goals?
  • How can you set forth to achieve those goals?

Katrina Martin

Katrina Martin is the owner of Katrina's Resources and a B-6 certified teacher in New York State. She specializes in elementary education and curriculum development. You can read her blog at or view her educational resources on

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